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For those of us beauty/fashion know-it-all’s, we are always wanting to learn more. Here are some of my favorite beauty gurus on YouTube that make tutorials, hauls, and more on beauty or fashion.

TheMakeupChair– She is very great at makeup tutorials and fixing makeup mistakes!
DulceCandy67– Dulce is very great at everything, really! She does tutorials, hauls and more!
Shaaanxo– First of all, Shaan is SO cute! She is awesome at doing tutorials, hauls and vlogs.
MissJenFabulous– Jen is the queen of nail art. She throws in some tutorials and more, but if you love nail art, you’ll LOVE Jen.
Macbarbie07– Beth is just amazing at fashion videos, makeup tutorials and monthly favorites!
Gossmakeupartist– Wayne goss is amazing with makeup. He is a professional makeup artist and he is great at everything from tutorials to fixing makeup mistakes.

Definitely check these beauty gurus out. What are your favorite beauty gurus? Comment your favorites below!


So, we find a show, book, movie, etc. that we like. So we can write about it, draw it and dream about it! Comment pictures and more on your fan art here!

Photo editing is very helpful. Most of us don’t know how, but those of us who do usually like doing it. Comment pictures of your work and more here.

Photography is a common hobby for most people. It is a very nice art for the artistic types. Comment pictures of your work, tips and more about photography here.

Painting is a fun form of art for the artistic or non artsy types. Comment tips and more about painting here.

Although most people say it isn’t, beauty is an art. It makes women and some men feel acceptable to society, though everyone is beautiful. Comment tips and more about beauty here.

Drawing is a way to express your emotions and let your creativity run free. Most of us draw, even if we don’t think we are good at it, we still do it. Comment with pictures of your work and more on drawing here.