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For those of us beauty/fashion know-it-all’s, we are always wanting to learn more. Here are some of my favorite beauty gurus on YouTube that make tutorials, hauls, and more on beauty or fashion.

TheMakeupChair– She is very great at makeup tutorials and fixing makeup mistakes!
DulceCandy67– Dulce is very great at everything, really! She does tutorials, hauls and more!
Shaaanxo– First of all, Shaan is SO cute! She is awesome at doing tutorials, hauls and vlogs.
MissJenFabulous– Jen is the queen of nail art. She throws in some tutorials and more, but if you love nail art, you’ll LOVE Jen.
Macbarbie07– Beth is just amazing at fashion videos, makeup tutorials and monthly favorites!
Gossmakeupartist– Wayne goss is amazing with makeup. He is a professional makeup artist and he is great at everything from tutorials to fixing makeup mistakes.

Definitely check these beauty gurus out. What are your favorite beauty gurus? Comment your favorites below!


Tuesday, May the 21st, Microsoft announced their new system, The Xbox One. This system has very high expectations in the video gaming world. It’s bringing a new, unique way to watch TV, Play Games, Watch Movies, and Connect with your Friends. The system itself has speakers, a built in Kinect system, Blu-ray Drive, 500 GB HDD, 8GB System Memory, a 8 Core CPU, and a brand new Controller Design. Picture below.

Xbox One


Because of the built in Kinect System, it makes more possible. The Up-Swipe action and Grab Screen are now available. Let’s say you want to access your Xbox Home but you don’t want to close your movie; it’s now possible with the Grab Screen option. All you have to do is face your system and act as if you grab your screen, pull your arms together slowly and BAM, your back at your Xbox Home. You can also have multiple programs opened at once on top of each other. On the new Xbox One Skype is also accessible.

Microsoft is saying it’s the change of the way we watch Television and Play our Games. Let’s see if their right…They have not given a release date as of yet but it’s surely soon to come.

Origami is a Japanese paper craft where you fold paper into amazing shapes. Post tips and more about origami here.

When you think “singing” what do you see? People rocking out on stage, a young girl singing to herself in her room, or a mother singing to her newborn baby? What do you see? Well, singing is one of the most popular hobbies. Most everyone does it. Do you like singing? How about listening to other sing, or singing with friends? No matter what we do, singing is a way to connect with each other. If you would like lyrics to a certain song, I’d suggest going to lyrics.com to print out lyrics or simply sing them from your computer!

So, we find a show, book, movie, etc. that we like. So we can write about it, draw it and dream about it! Comment pictures and more on your fan art here!

For those of us who love running, kicking a ball or the pure sport of it, soccer is fun. Comment tips and more about soccer here.