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When you think “singing” what do you see? People rocking out on stage, a young girl singing to herself in her room, or a mother singing to her newborn baby? What do you see? Well, singing is one of the most popular hobbies. Most everyone does it. Do you like singing? How about listening to other sing, or singing with friends? No matter what we do, singing is a way to connect with each other. If you would like lyrics to a certain song, I’d suggest going to lyrics.com to print out lyrics or simply sing them from your computer!


Trombone is a nice brass instrument. It is commonly played in bands. Comment tips and more on trombone here.

Trumpet is a brass instrument that is very noticeable in bands. Its very fun to listen to and play. Comment tips and more on trumpets here.

The violin is a very classy string instrument. We all love it, so comment about it here.

The oboe is an uncommon wind instrument that not many people know how to play. Comment tips and more on oboes here.

The saxophone is an instrument used in jazz music, its a very nice wind instrument. Comment tips and more about the saxophone here.

The bassoon is another uncommon instrument, its also wind. Comment tips and more on the bassoon here.